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Need A Website Or Blog For Your Business? Need Web Hosting And Domain? Want Your Website to show in the first pages in Google Search engines?

o que é afinal o SEO, e para que serve?

Alojamento web e SEO

SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization," meaning optimization for search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. In a nutshell, it's a set of minor tweaks and improvements that can be made to your site, so with those changes, the appear in the first results in a "Search Engine" for certain words or set of words (so-called keywords). These adjustments and enhancements may only cover your Homepage, all pages of your site, or others in particular. A "blogpost" is a good example of a specific page that can be optimized. No wonder blogposts pop up on the front page for a specific keyword. Usually the rules followed for this visibility improvement are those of Google, since it is the most used search engine worldwide. Without this optimization, the great #mountain climb" to the first page of Google becomes more difficult. 

Why do I want to appear in search results? What are the benefits to my business?
It's simple. If you have a restaurant in a particular city, each time someone search on Google "Restaurant City X", if your results show up, you'll more likely get a customer from that simple search. If your restaurant's website shows up in one of the top results, then it means you've implemented good SEO practices on your site, and empowered your site to improve and grow your business. 

Novo Serviço: Gestão de Redes Sociais

Não tem tempo de gerir as suas Redes Sociais, como Instagram, Facebook, Tweeter, etc.? Na MMSEO fornecemos um serviço onde já não tem que se preocupar com a gestão das suas redes sociais. Todos sabemos quão importantes são as redes sociais na actualidade.

Make your site visible to Google

Making your site appear in online searches, particularly on the first page of Google, for the keywords of your business or blog, is essential these days for a profitable business. Having a website by itself does not imply that people find you. There are numerous factors that contribute to your site's increased visibility in search engines, particularly Google (the most important). This increased visibility is achieved through good practices for SEO and a constant monitoring of the "updates" of the various algorithms that contribute to these factors.

Increase your website traffic / Blog / Online shop

Increasing your website traffic through organic visits is the main strategy of SEO. The greater the traffic on your website, the more chances you have of converting that same traffic to actual profit. Increasing traffic to a website is only possible if you implement strategies and modifications, either at the level of content, or minor changes to the code. If the SEO is well implemented, then you will be able to see the increase in traffic to your website and also an increase in the time that the user goes through the website, which is called a bounce back rating

Improve your site's ranking

Improving the ranking of your website is not an easy task. The competition is much bigger now than it was 10 years ago. A minority of big companies have already bet on SEO, so with small businesses and small blogs, but there is still a large percentage of small businesses where the SEO world is new. In this small niche and also so important, is where MMSEO hopes to find its business partners.
Improving your site's ranking has several key procedures that help Google characterize your business.

Os sites da MMSEO são todos feitos em WordPress, o CMS (Content Management System) mais utilizado na Internet. Um bom alojamento Web (web hosting) é essencial para o sucesso do seu negócio.

The importance of a good one web hosting in terms of server speed, security to prevent hacking attacks, constant updates, security of your data, are factors that MMSEO takes into account. These factors can influence a good SEO implementation of your website. We care about your website and its content! A domain name (website name) will also be important to define your business and important for SEO. WordPress provides a range of Plugins that can be used to optimize your site. WordPress is what we use as a content management system (CMS).

At MMSEO we have at your disposal web hosting accounts and domains, to take the first step towards the implementation of your business. We offer a web hosting account with an installation SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which will protect your site. This installation is very important for Google these days, taking into account the protection and security of the data made available on the sites by the people who go there. In one of the recent Google Chrome updates, you've marked as unsecured sites that do not have SSL (https) installation. 

The importance of design on a website / blog

The importance of appealing design on your website gives you a better experience while browsing. Imagine that your website is a showcase, and if this showcase is appealing, both color, the way products are placed and located, will make selling the product easier. It's the same with a website. The better and more appealing the design, the better it will sell the products on your site.

UX optimization (user experience)

One of the measures of a good implementation of SEO on your site, is the user experience. A website needs to be prepared for you and convince you to take action, or go in a direction within your site. This set of actions and directions to take, has to be fluid and natural. Good navigation will allow the user to have a good experience. At that time, your site grabbed the user's interest, and optimized the user experience.

Quality Content

Increasingly, Google attaches importance to the content and semantics used on the sites. The way one spells and the use of words has an influence on Google's algorithms. For your site to succeed, then you will need to have quality content that will make people want to read it. It does not have to be a "Shakespearean" work, of course, but quality must be present.

Relatórios e Resultados

Um dos passos essencias para que se estipule a estratégia correcta de SEO para o seu site, é fazer uma auditoria de SEO. Essa auditoria abrange uma data de factores como velocidade do site, conteúdo usado, melhoria do código, estrutura do site, "user experience" ou experiência do usário, etc. Depois de feita essa auditoria, poder-se-á trabalhar na estratégia correcta, para uma boa implementação do SEO.


Miguel did our 1st keyword research and competition analysis. Also provided a some great intel about Web Hosting and what type of web hosting to choose.
Client SEO
Logistics Specialist & Executive Assistant for Vifabella
Miguel did help us with SEO audit to our website and Keyword research. It was very important the keyword research to know what SEO strategy to follow.
CEO at

Need a website, blog or online store ready to go?

If you need a website, blog or online store ready to go, do not hesitate and ask for a quote. It is important to get started, put your ideas on paper and deal with your projects. At MMSEO we want to be the bridge between your business and success. 

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