How to choose web hosting?

The choice of web hosting or web hosting can become easy if the person takes into account some essential factors so that your site works perfectly and safely. In this article we will demonstrate some of these essential parameters.

By Miguel Moreira

After deciding to create your website, one of the most important steps is to find the web hosting company where you will be hosting the content of your site so that it is available onlin 


On impulse, most people are looking for free web hosting services, but that may not be the best option. A free web hosting service could be a good solution if you just want to test the environment and the available CMS web hosting company, however, due to the limitations of the free web hosting servers, it will not be a great idea to end up opting for these.


If you are ready to start a website and want to live, then choose a company or freelancers that provide the Web Hosting service.


There are several factors to set aside free hosting service as an alternative, here are a few reasons:


  • Suport - A web hosting service usually does not provide support. If you have any problems with the site, and if you have a paid service, then you will have technical support for your website;
  • Warranties - In a free accommodation service there are no guarantees that the service is online or minimum Uptime times. This is extremely important when you have an online store and the business depends on everything being operational. An offline or uptime site will not make sales
  • publicity - As nothing is free, free service providers can use your website for forced advertising.
  • Server Limitations - Free platforms are usually on servers with little reliability, either in terms of software (without updates) or in terms of security;
  • Own domain - You can seldom associate your own domain with your free hosting account. This could be a problem if you want to do branding for your company.
  • Backups - There are usually no automatic backups on free hosting servers and many of them make the backup process difficult, even manual;
  • Content - Despite the new GPRD rules, there are also cases where providers of free hosting services have seized the contents and databases of their users. What's more, there may be no free or even manual backup service.

Being able to use a domain of its own, for both personal and commercial sites, is almost mandatory. Most companies or freelancers, offer with Web Hosting or Web Hosting, the free domain. Of course it will depend on what kind of domain it is, and how much it will cost in the end.


To summarize: You should carefully evaluate the company or freelancing service in which you will trust your website and invest your money. The choice of web hosting or web hosting should be a careful decision, so you can always choose to contact the companies or freelancers, and expose them all your doubts.